Ontal uses a manufacturing process call Purchase Activated Manufacturing (PAM). We manufacture your garments after the order is placed. Every garment is designed and personalized by you, printed, cut and sewn in Milwaukee, WI. This allows you to get the right fit (a tall athletic cut, for example), the right color (you design it), the right logo (you decide on the logo and placement) and personalized for you (we put your name in the collar). The product is shipped in about 3 weeks (or less) after the order is placed.

Your custom apparel is made with the best fabrics in the world. We have scoured every mill, domestic and international, for the most innovative, most resilient, and overall best quality fabrics to offer you the top of the line in athletic apparel.

We pride ourselves on being “Made in the USA”. Paying all of our production staff a fair wage can be difficult in this competitive market, but having the quality control is necessary. Ontal manufactures the garment AFTER you place the order. There is no stock, no waste, no fitting into what was manufactured in a foreign country. Being made in the USA also allows us to give people the best customer service that we can offer.

Most people ask – “What is Ontal?” We have to start with “What is phenomenal?” Technically, phenomenal is unattainable. Humans can only infer as much as their senses allow. Common usage has morphed into something that is extraordinary. Ontal comprises reality as opposed to mere phenomena. In other words, Ontal is on the outer edge of attainability.

Welcome to Ontal – where anything is possible.